We take balls and cocktails seriously. Seriously.

Our crafted balls are complemented by a full roster of cocktails created by the mixologists of Porco Lounge & Tiki Bar. Come on by, your mouth will thank you forever.

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the guys behind the balls

It all started in 2016 at Porco Tiki Bar & Lounge. Visiting chefs, Adam Bostwick and Brian Okin had been experimenting with creative dishes in Porco’s small kitchen. From tacos to perogies, chicken wings and sliders, people fell in love with their take on old favorites. Just as they do with every dish, they would take something traditional and turn it into something unconventional. The next dish had to be Italian and after tossing around ideas for days, Brian and Adam locked eyes and yelled out “BALLS! We’re gonna make meatballs!” It became clear that very night, they had created a game changer. Over the course of many months testing hundreds of recipes, guests could not get enough. They knew it was time for Polpetta to have its own space. And so it began. Porco owner, Steph Was, just as obsessed as Adam and Brian joined them on this adventure. Together, they began searching for the right location in Rocky River. With a concept so unique, the interior of the restaurant had to deliver an experience to match their balls. They teamed up with long-time friend and Porco’s number 1 fan, Curt Cousienau to build out the future home of Polpetta. Together the four men made a perfect team to pull off such a unique concept.

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the long & short of it

We created Polpetta for one reason. We wanted share our love of expertly crafted ball and cocktails with you. Our name literally means ‘meatball’ in Italian. Why meatballs? Because meatballs are modest, meatballs are simple, they are humble and we don’t think they should be. We know that meatballs have the potential to be your next favorite dish. Carnivores and Vegetarians rejoice! Our selection of balls caters to everyone. It’s a ‘build your own meatball’ concept, and in three simple steps your life is going to change. All you have to do is pick your ball, pick your sauce, and pick your side.

We all know that an adult meal is not complete without the perfect cocktail pairing. So, we enlisted the expert mixologists from Porco Tiki Bar & Lounge to create a one of kind cocktail list only Polpetta guests will get to experience. At this point, you should stop reading, roll over to Polpetta and try this for yourself. Your new life awaits.