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Polpetta: [noun] Meatball

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It all began in 2016 at Tremont's Porco Lounge & Tiki Room. Visiting chef, Adam Bostwick, had been experimenting with creative dishes inside Porco’s small kitchen. People quickly fell in love with his unconventional twists on old favorites. During this period, Adam began trying out different spins on the classic meatball. It became immediately clear that he had stumbled upon something spectacular. Over the course of many months and hundreds of trial recipes, he had created a fan favorite among Porco's guests. As Polpetta continued to evolve and develop its own following, the time had come for it to have a location of its own. Porco owner, Stefan Was, joined Adam on this adventure and together, they began searching for the perfect location. With a concept so unique, the interior of the restaurant had to deliver an experience to match. They enlisted Curtis Cousineau, Porco’s man of many hats, to build out the future home of Polpetta. With this addition, the three became the perfect team to pull off the endeavor.

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the long & short of it

We created Polpetta for one reason: a desire to share our passion for expertly crafted meatballs, complemented by a full roster of cocktails created by the mixologists of Porco Lounge & Tiki Room. Our chef inspired menu is designed to easily accommodate all, offering a wide array of carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, and non-gluten options. We’re a “build-your-own” global comfort food restaurant, allowing for many different cuisine styles and a wholly customizable experience. It’s just three easy steps: Pick a ball, pick a sauce, pick a side.